D80165 German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot Adolf Galland

D80165 WWII German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot – Adolf Galland

Brief Introduction

Adolf Galland was a German Luftwaffe general and flying ace during World War II. He flew in 705 combat missions and was credited with 104 aerial victories against the Western Allies. Galland started his career as a glider pilot in 1929. During the Spanish Civil War in 1937, he volunteered for the Condor Legion and flew ground attack missions. In early 1940, Galland persuaded his superiors to allow him to become a fighter pilot and flew Messerschmitt BF-109s during the Battle of France and Battle of Britain. By November 1941, his tally of victories had increased to 96 was promoted as the General der Jagdflieger. In late January and early February 1942, Galland planned and commanded the Luftwaffe’s air cover for Kriegsmarine Operation Cerberus, which was a major success, earning him the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds. But his disagreements with Hermann Göring made their relationship collapse in early January 1945 and Gallad was relieved of his command. After the war, Galland worked as a consultant for Argentina’s government and returned to Germany, where he managed his own business. He died on 9 February 1996.

DID proudly presents the 1/6 WWII German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot – Adolf Galland, with two super realistic headsculpts.  One is serious with piercing eyes, while the other sports a confident and energetic grin. Both headsculpts feature his distinctive mustache. 

Galland is in the classic outfits of a German Luftwaffe pilot, including a grey-blue officer’s flight blouse, winter flight trousers, a white shirt underneath and an RAF flying jacket pattern 1940 made of genuine leather. He also wears a German Luftwaffe generals visor cap or a winter flying helmet on his head and a pair of German Luftwaffe flying boots on his feet, along with the distinctive life vest for pilots, blue-polka-dot neckerchief, brown gloves and brown belt. The outfits are so rich and varied that you can DIY different Galland.

The German Luftwaffe flare pistol is essential military equipment primarily used for signaling, illuminating and observing small areas at night. It can indicate military operations or display the battlefield situation to assist combatants in making the right judgment. It is not only structurally simple and easy to use, but also reusable and with a long service life. Galland is armed with a flare pistol with 3 blue and 5 red cartridges and an ammo legband. PPK pistol with a genuine leather holster is included as well.

What’s more, Galland is equipped with aviation-specific equipment: German Luftwaffe fighter pilot oxygen mask, parachute, goggles, headset, microphone and armband compass. He also comes with a metal trench lighter, a completed cigar and a burning cigar. His numerous medals are exquisitely carved with metal. 

Please do NOT miss the well-equipped Galland! Take him home and build your team of 1/6 WWII German ace pilots. 

PS: The plane shown in the images is NOT included in D80165.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt X 2
2 All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left palms X 3 + right palms X 4

4 German Luftwaffe Generals Visor Cap
5 German Luftwaffe Officer’s flight blouse
6 German Luftwaffe Winter Flight Trousers
7 White Shirt
8 RAF Flying Jacket Pattern 1940 (genuine leather)
9 German Luftwaffe Winter Flying Helmet
10 German Luftwaffe Life Vest
11 Neckerchief
12 Brown Gloves
13 Brown Belt (genuine leather)
14 German Luftwaffe Flying Boots (genuine leather)
15 German Luftwaffe Headset and Microphone
16 German Luftwaffe Fighter Goggles
17 German Luftwaffe Armband Compass with genuine-leather belt
18 German Pilot Watch with genuine-leather belt
19 Cigar X 1
20 Burning Cigar X 1
21 WWII German trench lighter (metal)
22 Ring
23 Parachute
24 German Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Oxygen Mask

25 German Luftwaffe Flare Pistol with 8 Cartridges and a Flare Pistol Ammo Legband
26 PPK Pistol with Holster (genuine leather)

27 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle X 1
28 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle(metal) X 1
29 Shoulderboard X 1 pair
30 Collar tab X 1 pair
31 Luftwaffe Flight Officer Sleeve Rank Patch X 2
32 Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords X 1
33 Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords and Diamonds X 1
34 Pilot/Observer Badge in Gold with Diamonds X 1
35 Iron cross First Class 1939 X 1
36 Night Fighter Clasp in Gold X 1
37 Jagdgeschwader Schlageter Officers Cuff Title x 1

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