Toysoul Hong Kong 2018

It’s Toysoul Hong Kong again. This time we present some various products. Hope you guys will like them.

Let’s check what’s going to release in 2019.

Chicago Gangster III Michael

Michael’s first prototype showed up in Toysoul 2017. We have been enhancing the details of his complicate spare parts in 2018. Now the final prototype is ready and he is going to release in Q1 2019.

Same as the first prototype, there are TWO versions (regular and deluxe) for Michael. The regular Michael (Item# T80128) describe the status at the time when his career just began. Michael is simply in grey suit, holding a revolver to protect himself.

After a big fight with other Party, the young leader finally grew up and become the real big boss. You can see he is thinking about the past under a dimlight, in black mess jacket, crossed leg on the chair,  

The deluxe version (Item # T80128S) includes a lot of spare parts in high details: chair and round side table that are made of solid wood and metal, metal floor lamp that could be turned on, metal candlestick phone and a cute French bulldog. With all spare parts matching together, you can see what a real big boss looks in 1930s.

toysoulhk 2018

WWII German Communication 3 WH Radio Operator – Gerd

Welcome the 4th member of German communication team —— Radio Operator Gerd. His job is to translate the message in to morse code, input it through morse key and send it out through 100W.S transmitter. Sometimes he also need to communicate directly through headphone and  handapparat Hap 2.

When he work at night, he turned on the kerosene lamp and DKE radio.

As  you can see, he works well with other members of German Communication team.

toysoulhk 2018

Apollo 11 Astronauts

We released Apollo 11 astronauts in ACGHK 2018. Now we develop to Three. Hopefully they will be released in Q1 2019.

Stay tuned for more info.

toysoulhk 2018

WWII British Paratrooper 1st Airborne Division “Red Devils”

We have been receiving request on making “Red Devils”. So there it is. Hopefully it will be released in Q1 2019.

Stay tuned for more info.

toysoulhk 2018

Chicago gangster Michael and German Radio Operator Gerd are now available for pre-order. You could contact our dealers for more info.

toysoulhk 2018

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