XD80024 1/12 German 12th Panzer Division Rainer

The 1/12 Palm Hero Series proudly brings you a new WWII German soldier. We are excited to introduce the 1/12 WWII German 12th Panzer Division Infantry Lieutenant – Rainer, with a highly realistic headsculpt that captures his forward gaze and the steadfast determination in his deep-set eyes.

Rainer is dressed in an M36 uniform, a technologically enhanced camo smock and camo pants. He is armed with a P38 pistol with a holster and an MP44 assault rifle.Complementing his ensemble are a map bag, a binocular for long-range observation, cigarettes for a moment of leisure, and two triple magazine pouches for ammunition storage. All accessories are exquisite and meticulous.

For enthusiasts of the 1/12 scale German army figures, this is a must-have addition to your collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your 1/12 German army team with this detailed action figure.

The item will be available in July-Aug 2024.

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XD80024 1/12 Palm Hero Series WWII German 12th Panzer Division Infantry Lieutenant Rainer includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Left palm x 3 + Right palm x 3
4 Palms with grey gloves x 1 pair

5 German visor cap
6 Camo smock
7 Camo pants
8 M36 uniform
9 Grey scarf
10 Belt
11 Y straps
12 German leggings
13 German Army ankle boots

14 Map case
15 Triple mag pouch x 2
16 Binocular
17 Cigarette x 2

18 P38 pistol with holster
19 MP44 assault rifle

20 German arm badge x 1
21 Collar tab x 1 pairs
22 Shoulder board x 1 pairs
23 Eagle x 2
24 Cuff title x 1


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