XA80019 1/12 SSGT Donald

We are glad to let you know that there is a brand-new release of WWII action figure in the 1/12 Palm Hero Series — 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels” – SSGT Donald.

He comes with a super realistic headsculpt with scars, typical outfits like M1938 helmet, tankers jacket and cavalry boots in two sections.

He is equipped with an MP44 assault rifle and a M1917 revolver.

A pair of palms with yellow gloves with slightly weathered are specially for him.

Furthermore, there are exquisite accessories, including a musette bag, goggles, and two cigarettes.

Don’t miss out on this tank commander, especially if you regret not getting the 1/6 version seven years ago!

The item will be available in Q3 – Q4 2023.

Please note that Shipping, VAT and duty are NOT included. Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.




XA80019 1/12 Palm Hero Series 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels” – SSGT Donald includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Left palm x 2 + right palm x 2
4 Palm with brown gloves  X 2 (with weathering)
5 M1938 helmet
6 Tankers jacket
7 Green shirt
8 Pants
9 Belt
10 Cavalry boots
11 Musette bag
12 Goggles
13 Cigarettes X 2
14 MP44 assault rifle
15 M1917 revolver + holster
16 2nd Armored Division Patch X 2
17 WWII U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Rank Patches X 2


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