Kicking off the year 2024, we are excited to announce the pre-order availability of our grand piece: 1/6 Vietnam War U.S. Army Lt. Col. Moore.

Highlights of this figure include a lifelike weathering headsculpt, dressed in the classic uniform of the U.S. military during the Vietnam War.

The figure comes equipped with an XM16E1 rifle, an M7 bayonet, an M1911 pistol, and two M26 grenades.

Additionally, it features a comprehensive set of accessories: an M1956 first aid kit, an M1961 field pack, two M16A1 magazine pouches, a canteen, cup and cover set, a flashlight, a watch, and dog tags.

In order to make him more realistic, the forearms and palms have been painted and added details.

As DID’s first-ever Vietnam War U.S military figure in 20 years, you shouldn’t miss him!

The item will be available in Q2 2024.

Please note that Shipping, VAT and duty are NOT included. Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.




V80174 1/6 Vietnam War U.S.  Army Lt. Col. Moore includes:

1 Super Realistic Headsculpt
2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left Palm X 4 + Right Palm X 4

4 M1 Vietnam helmet with mitchell cover and inner liner
5 P58 utility shirt
6 Utility trousers
7 Green T-shirt
8 M1956 Vertical Weave Pistol Belt
9 Belt
10 Black boot (genuine leather)

11 M1956 first aid pouch
12 M16A1 ammo pouch X 2
13 M1956 Suspenders
14 M1961 field pack
15 M1911 magazine pouch
16 Vietnam War U.S. Canteen, Cup and cover set
17 Flashlight
18 Watch
19 Dog tag

20 XM16E1 rifle with magazine X 3 + bullet X 2
21 M1911 pistol with brown magazine pouch (genuine leather)
22 M26 grenade X 2
23 M7 bayonet

24 US 7th Infantry Division Patch X 1
25 US Army 1st Cavalry Division Patch X 1
26 Lieutenant Colonel rank collar insignia X 1
27 Cavalry Officer insignia X 1
28 US Army name tape X 1
29 Master Parachutist Badge X 1
30 Name Tape X 1


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