SF80002 The Kung Fu Master

Following the Karate Player, we proudly present the second release of “1/12 Simply Fun Series” – The Kung Fu Master. The highly posable and fully articulated body enables the Kung Fu Master to accomplish various martial arts stances effortlessly.

The sparks of creativity can be ignited on the headsculpt. You can freely DIY the facial features, allowing the Kung Fu Master to possess his unique face.

He comes with four pairs of palms, two pairs of which are exclusively designed, allowing him to firmly grasp the nunchaku and perform various actions.

His iconic yellow jumpsuit is made from form-fitting materials with precise craftsmanship. It merges perfectly with the body, becoming his second skin.

The Kung Fu Master’s trusted weapon, two pairs of metal nunchakus, rotates and whirls in his hands, releasing an impressive destructive power while performing a magnificent kung fu demonstration.

To complement the yellow jumpsuit, the Kung Fu Master also has color-matching sneakers, providing him with stable support and seamlessly blending into his overall look, making his appearance even more distinguished.

The Kung Fu Master’s design is simple smart yet meticulously crafted. Just take him home and unleash your creativity, weave a legendary tale for him, and make him the unparalleled hero of the martial arts world in your hands.

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SF80002 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series  – The Kung Fu Master includes:

1 Headsculpt
2 Body
3 Left palms X 4  + Right palms X 4
4 Yellow Kung fu Battle Jumpsuit
5 Yellow Sneakers
6 Nunchaku X 2 (metal)
7 Foot stand


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