Michael Wittman 1/12

German tank commander Michael Wittman was in command of a Tiger I tank and destroyed up to fourteen tanks and fifteen personnel carriers, along with two anti-tank guns, within the space of fifteen minutes. Soon he became the “Panzer Ace” for his accomplishment.

We are glad to let you know the German Panzer Ace is joining in our 1/12 Palm Hero Series.

A realistic headsculpt with eyes full of confidence and determination. Two uniforms are especially designed for him. Black panzer uniform and trousers are the signature when he was in battle with his Tiger I, with a leather jacket covering on top. The M36 uniform and breeches are also iconic for him.

All the equipments he used in the battle, binoculars, earphones, a pair noise-canceling throat vibration headset and a typical P38 pistol are included.

Don’t miss the Finest-detailed 1/12 German “Panzer Ace” Michael Wittman!

The item is ONLY available in the US now. Free-shipping.

Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.




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XD80004  1/12 WWII German SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Palms X 8 (4 left and 4 right)

4 Waffen SS officer visor cap
5 Waffen-SS officer panzer ski-Cap
6 M36 uniform
7 Black Panzer Uniform
8 Black leather jacket
9 Grey shirt
10 Breeches
11 Black Panzer trousers
12 Black belt
13 Brown belt
14 Hands with grey gloves
15 Jackboots
16 Boots

17 Binoculars
18 Earphone
19 Throat vibration headset

20 P38 pistol with holster

21 SS Hauptsturmführer Shoulder boards X 3 pairs
22 SS Hauptsturmführer collar patch x 2 pairs
23 German armband X 2
24 Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords x 1
25 Iron Cross 1st class X 2
26 Wound badge in silver X 2
27 German WW2 Panzer Assault Badge X 2
28 Ribbon bar X 2
29 Sleeve eagle X 2

3 reviews for Michael Wittman 1/12

  1. Jason Stead (verified owner)

    Just receieved my DIDCorp Shop ordered 1/12th Michael Wittmann.

    I thought the Pvt Ryan figure was Good. This is Much more and Yes I will say it, Value for Money too.

    Excellent detail and multiple zipbags of Insignia, Awards, Cuff titles etc. As both Uniforms come sterile (No Insignia).
    Hopefully meaning DID are going to be quick with More WW2 German figures. Please Joachim Peiper and Sepp Dietrich with both Panzer and field officer uniforms.

    Two Complete Uniforms (Panzer Wrap with M43 Panzer cap and Officers Field uniform) from Headwear to footwear. With this Price Is just a Steal.
    Plus the U-Boat Leather jacket (Favoured by Panzer crews) on top of the two uniforms.
    Then binoculars, Panzer communication Headset and throat mic too.
    Walther P38 and holster it is removable from.
    Also numerous hands too.

    Only think missing is a Panzer VI TIGER Tank and His Crew. Plus Bobby Woll (With both Camo Panzer Uniform and Black Panzer uniform).

    • Sales

      Thank you for your support. Glad to know that you like the 1/12th Michael Wittmann action figure.
      Also thank you so much for the suggestion.We will pass the info to our R&D department and they will study it.
      If you have more suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

  2. juancmezam (verified owner)

    I have received my 1/12th Michael Wittmann action figure from Did Corp. The figure is really very so pretty and amazing! Every part of the uniforms, insignias, headsculpt and suplies are very detailed. Really this figure is the most perfect figure I have seen. I express my congratulations to Did Corporation for the great quality and realism made in each production of action figures that let us enjoy the characters truly.
    Also my congratulations to the Sales Team because their great service five stars. Very recommended. Thank you so much!

    • Sales

      Thank you for your support. Glad to know that you like the 1/12 th Michael Wittmann action figure.

  3. Neil Last

    What a fantastic 1/12 figure outstanding

    • Sales

      Thank you for your support.

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