To better present Max Wünsche, and re-create the combat scenes of the WWII German Panzer Commander, DID presents you the 1/6 Panther tank diorama with MG34. It enhances the playability and enjoyment for Max Wünsche. The combination of both recreates the combat scenes of the German panzer.

1/6 Panther tank diorama with MG34 is definitely not to be missed!

The item will be available in June-July 2024.

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E60077 1/6 Panther tank diorama with MG34 includes:

1 Panther G commander cupola (metal) in camo color
2 Wooden base

3 Bullet chain with bullets X 6 and the drum magazine(plastic)
4 MG34 panzer machine gun with cupola mount(metal)

5 1st SS Panzer Division emblem(metal)
6 LAH emblem(metal)

PS: The action figures shown in the images are NOT included in E60077.


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