E60076 1/6 War Horse

We are glad to bring you the 1/6 Brown War Horse (Standing) for U.S. Civil War Union Army Lieutenant – John Dunbar, crafted delicately to showcase the horse’s virtues completely.

The horse was well-proportioned, agile, with steadfast and wise gleams in its drooping eyes. Its soft mane fluttered in the wind. In battle, it was valiant and skilled, yet outside the battlefield, it was gentle and noble. Possessing outstanding endurance, agility, and speed, it could swiftly move on the battlefield, react promptly, and display its prowess without reservation.

The horse is equipped with the exquisite saddles and genuine leather reins, along with a saddle blanket and the genuine leather saddle bag for storing supplies. The saddle blanket is an essential equipment in equestrian scenes, primarily serving to enhance the comfort between the rider and the horse, protecting the horse’s back, and improving the safety of riding. Additionally, it was equipped with a blanket for warmth, a bag for storing sundries, a blanket roll, an U.S. Civil War flag, a canteen, and a genuine leather M1860 Henry rifles holster, all of which could be hung on the war horse. Fully equipped, John Dunbar was ready to face every battle at any time!

The 1/6 Civil War Brown War Horse (Standing), through meticulous craftsmanship and beautifully paint job, presents a perfect blend of history and reality, allowing us to experience the bravery and glory of the battlefield up close. It calls out to everyone who loves history and heroic legends, exuding a sense of wild freedom, galloping fearlessly like a released arrow into the battlefield. Add it in your collection now!

PS: The 1/6 action figure, sword with scabbard, and M1860 Henry rifle that are shown in the image are NOT included in E60076.

The item is available will be available in July – Aug 2024.

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E60076 1/6 Civil War Brown War Horse (Standing) includes:

1 Horse (resin)
2 Saddle (plastic)
3 Reins(genuine leather)
4 Blanket roll
5 Sundries bag
6 Blanket
7 U.S. Civil War canteen(plastic)
8 Saddle bag (genuine leather)
9 Rifle hostler(genuine leather)
10 Saddle blanket
11 U.S. Civil War flag with pole


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