E60071 Accessory Kit of General Patton

To make General Patton (A80164) more playable, we specially released an exclusive accessory kit for him (#E60071) , including:

Iconic and super realistic General Patton headsculpt X1
WWII US Bomber Jacket
Bull Terrier Dog with a dog tag
General Patton-exclusive base

With the accessory kit, you can DIY more different scenarios for General Patton. Your General Patton is waiting for it. Just come and get it!

PS: Some accessories that shown in the images are NOT included in E60071, please refer to the E60071 part list for the specific details.

If you buy General Patton and his accessory kit together, you will get the discount. Please check here.

The item is available NOW.

Please note that Shipping, VAT and duty are NOT included. Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.




E60071  Accessory Kit of General Patton includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt X 1
2 WWII US Bomber Jacket
3 Bull Terrier Dog
4 Dog tag for Bull Terrier Dog
5 United States Army Central patch X 1
6 1st Armored Division patch X 1
7 Base


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