E60059D German U-Boat Conning tower gun deck diorama part D

The part D for the diorama is the deck gun. It is the 20mm flak C/30 anti-aircraft gun made of metal with some plastic accessories. Bullets could be pressed in the magazine. The height is adjustable through spinning the wheel. The gun could be used independently on the shore for defense as well.

When part C and part D are combined, it becomes an important part of the U-boat gun deck diorama.

When E60059A and 2 E60059B and E60059C and E60059D are combined, the German U-boat conning tower gun deck diorama become more complete. And Commander, Stabsbootsmann and the Obermaat can stand on the gun deck together.

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Please note the action figure in the images is not included in E60059D.




E60059D German U-Boat Conning tower gun deck diorama part D includes:

  1. 20mm Flak C/30 AA gun (metal)
  2. Base ( metal and plastic)


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