2020 Donald Trump

At the beginning of Trump’s 2020 campaign, We are happy to introduce the “NEW” Trump. Just like the previous version, there are two super realistic headscuplts included, one with rooted hair. Another one is an iconic Trump smiling face.

We specially make a long rooted hair Donald Trump head to facilitate the fun of DIY for our customers. You could create and design different hairstyles with your imagination.

Four pairs of hands are specially designed for him. A typical black overcoat and blue suit pants which fit perfectly. We have also updated the slogan on the iconic red hat to “KEEP AMERICAN GREAT”.

What‘s more, a set of collapsible resolute desk and chair will be included in this set, which is extremely playful. Meanwhile it could also be used with other America President like Obama.

As he is running his 2020 re-election campaign, the podium and microphone are also included. “PROMISE KEPT” and “PROMISE MADE” slogan boards are also included.

Donald Trump is back. Just order now!

The item is only available in the US now. Free-shipping Worldwide but VAT or duty is not included.

Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.





Be the President’s Barber


The NEW Donald Trump includes below:


  • Super realistic headsculpt with rooted hair
  • Super realistic headsculpt with smile
  • Body
  • Four pairs of hands


  • Black overcoat
  • Blue suit pants
  • Cotton underclothes
  • White shirt
  • Red tie
  • Blue tie
  • “Keep America Great” red hat
  • Belt
  • Socks
  • Shoes


  • Microphone with stand
  • TWO cardboard podiums
  • “Promises Made” & “Promise Kept” slogan
  • Resolute desk and chair (Cardboard)


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