The painter Comedy King of France

Very different from those soldier action figures, it is a French painter during WWII. So there are many small painting tools to pick, including painting pot and brushes, painter suit, felt cap, checkerboard scarf. And especially there is partial cake and plate and silver knife and fork which are rare in the market.

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F80105 Comedy King of France II – The painter includes:

1 One authentic headsculpt
2 One new all-era body
3 One pair of relaxed palms
4 One pair of palms for holding paint pot
5 One pcs of palm for holding paint brush

6 One painter uniform (with weathering)
7 One pair of pants (with weathering)
8 One felt cap (with weathering)
9 One checkerboard scarf (triangle)
10 One pair of socks
11 One pair of brown shoes

12 One paint pot
13 Two paint brushes (wide X 1and narrow X 1)
14 Partial cake
15 One plate
16 One set of sliver knife and fork


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