DID A80126 77th Infantry Division Combat Medic Dixon

Dixon served as combat medic in 77th Infantry Division in the Battle of Okinawa, April 1945. Instead of killing, his main job is to save fellows’ lives in the bloody battlefield. The fierce war made a lot of US soldiers injured. They were painfully moaning. Dixon crossed around the battlefield with his medical equipment to help them ease the pain and take them back to the camp. For his fellow, he was the hope of coming back home. Is not always about the bullets, the healing of wounds is even more important in the field.

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A80126  77th Infantry Division Combat Medic Dixon includes:


  • Two super realistic headsculpts (one with scars and weathering)
  • Body
  • Open palms
  • Relaxed palms
  • Palms for holding accessories


  • Green T shirt
  • Green uniform
  • Green pants
  • Y strap
  • Belt
  • Suspender
  • M1 helmet
  • Medical Pouch x 2 with Type I insert x 1 + Type II insert x 1
  • Cantle Ring Strap x 2
  • M2 First Aid kit pouch
  • M1936 musette bag
  • Surgical instrument case
  • First Aid kit pouch
  • M43 boots


  • Canteen with cover x 2
  • Emergency Medical Tag x 5 with booklet x1
  • Solution of Morphine Tartrate x 5(four with covers)with packing box x 3
  • 0.5 oz Hard Rubber Black Vials x 6
  • Crystalline Sulfanilamide Paper Envelope x 5 with packing box x 3
  • Curity adhesive tape
  • Adhesive Surgical Plaster
  • Safety Pins x 7 with cardboard
  • Metal Container
  • Flask w/Cup
  • Double-Blunt Scissors
  • Hemostatic Forceps x 2
  • Scalpel x 2
  • Spring Tissue Forceps
  • Folding Stretcher
  • Compressed White Bandage x 5 with boxes x 2


  • Geneva Convention Brassard


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