DID 1/12 MI6 Agent Jack

After Ryan, Winston Churchill and Michael Wittman, the Palm Hero series has its fourth member. This time, we extend to modern military category and release the 1/12 MI6 agent, Jack action figure.

The headsculpt is always truly authentic. The blue sweater and pants just fit so tight on the body. He could also remove the sweater and just wear the white T-shirt only, with Y straps on. 10 palms are provided, including a pair of gloved hands which are used to holding rifles.

Believe me, the MI6 agent is equipped with the most high-detailed modern weapons in 1/12 scale that you’ve ever seen. The ARX-160 assault rifle is released for the first time. And the silencer of M4A1 carbine could be detached. You could see a holster hanging on his right thigh. It is for his P226R or PPK pistol.

This beautifully 1/12 modern MI6 agent Jack action figure with powerful weapons are waiting for you.

The item is only available in the US now. Free-shipping Worldwide but VAT or duty is not included.

Please make sure the shipping address is deliverable by courier.





XM80003 1/12 MI6 Agent Jack includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Brand-new 6-inch Body
3 Palms X 8
4 Gloved hands x 1 pair

5 White T-shirt (long sleeve)
6 Blue sweater
7 Blue trousers with Y straps
8 Belt
9 Boots

10 PA280 Holster

11 ARX-160 assult rifle
12 M4A1 carbine with silencer
13 P226R pistol
14 PPK pistol


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