D80177 1/6 Flammenwerfer

The flammenwerfer, while possessing formidable close-quarters combat capabilities, also entails significant risks as it lacks effective special protective measures. The protection of a flammenwerfer lies in preemptive strikes, as missing the target can lead to catastrophic consequences. When faced with a sniper, the flamethrower’s body becomes the only shield for the fuel tanks behind, making retreat with the back exposed not an option—attack becomes the only recourse. Once hit, the flamethrower becomes a torch, endangering nearby soldiers.

All accessories are exquisitely crafted, making Joerg an essential addition to your German army. Don’t miss out on adding an exceptionally powerful 1/6 flammenwerfer to your ranks!

The item will be available around Aug-Sept 2024.

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D80177 1/6 Flammenwerfer includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left palms X 3 +  right palms X 3
4 Helmet with inner liner and camo cover
5 WWII German M40 tunic
6 Trousers
7 Black belt (genuine leather)
8 Y-straps (genuine leather)
9 Grey gloves
10 Grey toque
11 Black boots (genuine leather)
12 Bread bag
13 Canteen (plastic)
14 WWII German gas mask canister (plastic)
15 Mess tin (plastic)
16 Shovel (wood & plastic) with covers (genuine leather)
17 WWII German A-frame carrier
18 Camo zeltbahn
19 Magazine pouch X 2
20 WWII German gas mask (plastic)
21 Watch
22 Cigarette
23 German bayonet(metal) with scabbard (metal) and holster (genuine leather)
24 Grenade
25 MP40 submachine gun (metal+plastic) with bullet(metal) X 5
26 German flammenwerfer 41 (metal+plastic, not functional)
27 Collar tab X 1 pair
28 Waffen-SS LAH NCO shoulder board X 1 pair
29 Shoulder board X 1 pair
30 Heer Gefreiter rank insignia X 1
31 Sleeve eagle X1
32 Cuff title
33 Wound Badge in Black X1
34 Infantry Assault Badge in Silver X1


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