D80171 WWII German Oberschütze Lio

We are glad to let you know that the new release from DID, D80171 WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division Oberschütze – Lio is available for pre-order now.

As the assistant to the formidable MG42 gunner Otto, Lio not only shoulder the weight of the MG42’s vital accessories, but he also provided critical cover fire, ensuring Otto’s safety.

He wears the M44 pea dot camouflage tunic and trousers and armed with G43.

Lio awaits his place in your curated space. Just take Lio home.

The item is available now.

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D80171 WWII German 12th SS Panzer Division Oberschütze Lio includes:

1 Headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left Palm X 3 + Right Palm X 3
4 Helmet with inner liner and camouflage cover
5 M44 Pea Dot Camouflage Tunic
6 M44 Pea Dot Camouflage Trousers
7 Shirt
8 Cotton one-piece suit
9 German toque
10 Belt (genuine leather)
11 Y-straps (genuine leather)
12 WWII German field canvas gaiters
13 Boots (genuine leather)
14 WWII German A-frame carrier
15 Bread bag
16 WWII German canteen (metal)
17 WWII German mess tin (metal)
18 WWII German  gas mask canister (metal)
19 Shovel (Wood & Metal) with covers (genuine leather)
20 MG42 spare barrel with barrel case (metal)
21 G43 ammo pouch
22 Black ammo pouch (genuine leather)
23 Drum magazine x 2 with carrier
24 MG42 ammo box (metal)
25 G43 rifle (Wood & Metal) + clip X 1 + bullet X 3
26 Grenade
27 HJ Knife (metal) with Scabbard (metal and genuine leather)
28 Cuff title
29 Collar tab x 1 pair
30 Shoulder board x 1 pair
31 Rank insignia x 1
32 Sleeve Eagle x 1
33 Black wound badge  x 1
34 HJ proficiency badge x 1


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