D80153 German Uboat Seaman Obermaat Erwin

We are glad to let you know that the WWII German U-boat crew is back. Let’s welcome the third member Erwin.

Erwin was enrolled and assigned and trained for specific career. On completion of the training, he was issued different career insignias and rate badges.

Wearing the typical sailor cap and blue jump shirt,  Erwin sometimes was on watch, sometimes waved the signal flags, and sometimes was on mission to shoot with the AA gun on the deck.

Several years later, the seaman has been promoted as the Obermaat. He held the anemometer to test the wind on the deck, wearing Kriegsmarine pea coat and U-boat side cap.

The North Atlantic Ocean is cold and windy in winter. Erwin would wear the grey leather deck jacket and pants to keep warm, with the life vest on the top.

Kriegsmarine headset C37e was used to protect the ears from frozen.  Or he directly wore woolen hat to cover the ears. Goggles were on as well, especially on the windy day.

Erwin would be the most functional U-boat team member ever. A great lot of brand new accessories are for him. You won’t miss him if you like the German U-boat crew. Command Lehmann and Stabsbootsmann Johann are waiting for their new team member to work for them.Just order Erwin now to complete the U-boat team.

Please note that the diorama and the gun in the images are not included in D80153.

The item is available now.

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D80153 German U-boat Seaman Obermaat Erwin includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Palms for holding anemometer

5 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat sailor cap (Tellermütze)
6 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat side cap
7 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat woolen hat
8 German Kriegsmarine blue jumper shirt
9 German Kriegsmarine pea coat and trousers
10 T-shirt
11 German Kriegsmarine foul weather U-Boat deck jacket Grey (genuine leather)
12 German Kriegsmarine foul weather U-Boat deck pants Grey (genuine leather)
13 Life jacket
14 Checkered red and white Scarf
15 belt
16 Grey gloves
17 Boots (genuine leather)

18 Signal flags
19 U-Boat handheld anemometer
20 German Kriegsmarine headset C37e
21 Binoculars
22 U-Boat goggles
23 Cigarette x 2

24 Collar tabs X 1 pair
25 Breast eagle X 2
26 U-96 U-Boat Cap Badge x 2
27 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat badge X 1
28 Kriegsmarine minesweeper badge X1
29 Kriegsmarine Anti-Aircraft Artillery Senior Specialist Trade Badge
30 Kriegsmarine Motor Course Senior Specialist Trade Badge
31 Kriegsmarine Electric Motor Senior Specialist Trade Badge
32 Kriegsmarine Senior Signals NCO’s career sleeve insignia
33 Kriegsmarine Senior Ordnance NCO’s career sleeve insignia
34 Kriegsmarine Artillery Mechanic NCO’s career sleeve insignia


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