Johann is the U-Boat Stabsober Mechaniker, who is responsible for the maintenance of the U-Boat’s machineries, which included the engines, motors, batteries, and other mechanical systems.

We have created the German U-boat Conning Tower Gun Deck Diorama (E60059A) for Stabsober Mechaniker Johann.

E60059A includes a part of gun deck which is beautifully made of metal and plastic, metallic fence, U-boat badge, an U-boat flag and a metal U-boat cast bell.

If you purchase both D80149 and E60059A together, you will get a FREE GIFT set (D80149G).

D80149G includes:
1, Seagull x 1
2, U-boat officer’s side cap x 1
3, Insignia on the officer visor cap x 1

Both the figure and the gun deck diorama are available now.

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D80149 WWII German U-Boat Stabsober Mechaniker Johann includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Relax palms
5 Palms for holding morse lamp

6 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat officer’s visor cap
7 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat side cap
8 German Kriegsmarine officer uniform and pants
9 German Kriegsmarine foul weather U-Boat deck jacket (genuine leather)
10 German Kriegsmarine foul weather U-Boat deck pants (genuine leather)
11 Life jacket
12 Blue sweater
13 Grey shirt with black tie
14 Plaid shirt
15 Plaid scarf
16 Grey gloves
17 Shoes
18 Boots (genuine leather)

19 Morse lamp
20 Binoculars
21 U-Boat goggles
22 Boatswain’s whistle
23 Cigarette
24 Stopwatch
25 Watch
26 DID buttonhook

27 The straps of German Kriegsmarine Stabsober Mechaniker X 2 pairs
28 Insignias for German Kriegsmarine Stabsbootsmann X 1 pair
29 German Kriegsmarine officers breast eagle X 1
30 U-Boat combat clasp in sliver X1
31 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat badge X 1
32 Kriegsmarine minesweeper badge X1
33 Iron Cross 1st class X1

Insignia (U-Boat Crews)
34 U-96 U-Boat Cap Badge
35 U-972 U-Boat Cap Badge
36 U-74 U-Boat Cap Badge


E60059A WWII German U-Boat Conning Tower Gun Deck diorama deluxe version includes:

1 U-Boat Conning tower gun deck part A made of metal and plastic, metallic fence and U-boat badge

2 U-Boat Flag

3 U-boat cast steel bell


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