AS003 German Shepherd

DID German Shepherd in 1/6 scale is available now, truly authentic with domed forehead, black nose and tan-black fur. You could see its eyes are shinning.

Because of their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, German Shepherds have proved themselves capable on the battlefield. It is the perfect match with your WWII or Modern military action figure.

Come and grab it if you are a German Shepherd lover.

If you are from locations below and would like to purchase this item, please contact our dealers.

China, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain,Russia, The United States, Canada,Mexico,Colombia, Brazil.

The item is available now and Free-shipping worldwide but VAT or duty is not included.



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AS003 German Shepherd includes:


  • Super realistic German Shepherd


  • Dog leash made of genuine leather


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