DID Afghanistan Civilian Fighter Abbazz

Same as Asad, another Afghanistan Civilian Fighter Abbazz wore the same outfits in different colors. In addition to the local outfits, there is a green M65 field jacket with packable hood. He carried RPG-7 with two warheads as weapon, which could destroy a tank.

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I80112 The Soviet-Afghan War 1980s Afghanistan Civilian Fighter  Abbazz includes:


  • One super realistic headsculpt
  • One SHORT body
  • One pair of relax palms
  • One pair of palms for holding RPG-7


  • One set grey Shalwar kameez
  • One M65 field jacket
  • One turban
  • One pakol
  • One pair of socks
  • One pair of brown sandals (made of real leather)


  • One RPG-7 with TWO warheads


  • One satellite phone
  • One sophisticated warhead carrier
  • One pair of sunglasses
  • One black stand


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