A80161S 1/6 Ryan 2.0 Deluxe Edition

Still remember the A80097/A80097S, Ryan that released in 2014? For those who have missed out of him, DID releases 1/6 WWII US 101st Airborne Division Ryan 2.0. There is the Standard Edition (A80161) and the Deluxe Edition (A80161S).

The Deluxe Edition of 1/6 WWII US 101st Airborne Division Ryan (A80161S) includes all the accessories of Standard Edition A80161, plus the following weapons and accessories:

A metal Bazooka with two shells, a simple but powerful anti-tank M7 grenade launcher, a powerful M9A1 rifle grenade and a flashlight that can be turned on and and exchangeable with different color lens. The M7 rifle grenade launcher can be mounted to the M1 Garand rifle and fires the M9A1 rifle grenade, In that way, the range can be greatly increased.

For more details about the accessories, please refer to the part list. 

You can DIY different dioramas with the six U.S. Rangers. It must be very spectacular. After waiting for 8 years, you definitely should not miss out of Ryan again!! Just order him now.

PS: A80145 Captain Miller that is showed in the images are NOT included in A80161S.

The item is available NOW.

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A80161S WWII US 101st Airborne Division Ryan 2.0 (Deluxe Edition) includes:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Open palms x 1 pairs
4 Gun-holding Palms x 1 pairs

5 M1C helmet with inner liner and net cover
6 M42 Paratrooper uniform
7 M42 Paratrooper trousers
8 T-shirt
9 M1936 X straps
10 M1936 Pistol Belt
11 Jump Boots

12 M1936 Musette Bag
13 Storage bag X 5
14 Shovel with cover (can be opened)
15 M1910 Canteen with Cup and cover
16 Watch
17 Dog tag X 2
18 Flashlight (can be turned on and exchangeable with different color lens)

19 M3 Fighting Knife and M6 Sheath (genuine leather)
20 Bayonet with sheath
21 Grenade x 2
22 M1 Garand rifle with magazine clip x 5
23 Bazooka with shell x 2(metal)
24 M7 grenade launcher + M9A1 rifle grenade

25 WWII US Airborne Paratrooper American Flag Invasion Arm Band
26 US Army 101st Airborne Division Patch x 1
27 Private first class rank badge x 2


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