XT80018 Palm Hero Series MI6 Agent Jack Suit Version

XT80018 Palm Hero Series MI6 Agent Jack Suit Version

Brief Introduction

We are delighted to bring you the 1/12 Palm Hero Series MI6 Agent Jack (Suit Version). His serious expression and sharp eyes convey a high state of alertness.

The black shawl lapel suit and tailored trousers fit perfectly on him. A black bow tie is embellished on the white shirt, while a black belt is worn around his waist and shoes on his feet. His simple yet elegant outfits perfectly reflect the image of a gentleman.

In addition to a PPK pistol, there is also a short but reliable AKS-74U assault rifle prepared for Jack. The AKS-74U is a Soviet carbine from the late 1970s. With its high versatility, great lethality, accuracy, and low recoil, it performs exceptionally well in close-range shooting scenarios. The PPK pistol is equipped with a suppressor, a single-side shoulder holster and a clip, While the AKS74U comes with two clips.

The 1/12 MI6 Jack in the suit is graceful and elegant, which contrasts sharply with his cold and ruthless spy persona, making him fatally attractive. You can freely mix and match him with XM80003,  utilizing different outfits and weapons to create different scenarios. 

Those who like Jack must not miss this opportunity! Come to get him now!!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Left palm x 4 + right palm x 4

4 White shirt
5 Black shawl collar suit
6 Black bow tie
7 Belt
8 Black shoes

9 PPK pistol with suppressor + single-side shoulder holster X 1 + Clip X 1
10 AKS-74U assault rifle with clip X 2

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