XN80020 1:12 Palm Hero Series Emperor Of The French Napoleon Bonaparte

XN80020  1/12 Palm Hero Series Emperor Of The French

Napoleon Bonaparte

Brief Introduction

Napoleon Bonaparte (August 15, 1769 – May 5, 1821) was a French military commander and political leader during the French Revolution. He served as the First Consul of the French First Republic (1799-1804) and later as Emperor of the First French Empire (1804-1815). Domestically, he promulgated the Napoleonic Code, refining the world’s legal systems and establishing the social order of Western nations. On the international front, he led his armies against a coalition formed by Britain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, and others, winning over fifty major battles. During his reign, Napoleon undertook numerous foreign expansions and became the King of Italy, protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, arbitrator of the Swiss Confederation. This vast Napoleonic Empire witnessed numerous military and administrative marvels and fleeting moments of glory. In 1814, he abdicated and was exiled to the island of Elba. After the Hundred Days Offensive in 1815, he was once again defeated at Waterloo and was permanent exiled, passing away on Saint Helena Island on May 5, 1821.

DID proudly presents the Emperor of the French Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte in the 1/12 Palm Hero Series. This figure features a vividly realistic headsculpt, capturing his solemn and serious expression.

He wears his signature bicorne hat and is dressed in the classic 19th-century French military uniform—a black tailcoat jacket with fringed epaulettes. Beneath the coat, he sports a white vest and shirt. A gray overcoat can be worn over the tailcoat jacket. His lower attire consists of white trousers, and he dons black knee-high boots, designed in a two-section style to enhance foot mobility. The meticulous craftsmanship of his outfits not only highlights the attention to detail but also accentuates his imposing and commanding presence.

Napoleon is equipped with his long sword and scabbard. He also wears the Cross and Grand Eagle of the Legion of Honour. In addition to three sets of bare palms, a pair of palms with white gloves is also provided.

The 1/12 Palm Hero series welcomes this new addition. With meticulous attention to detail, this Napoleon figure is sure to captivate and delight. Fans of Napoleon, don’t miss out of him again!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt 
2 Body
3 Left palm X 3 + right palm X 3
4 Palm with white gloves  X 2
5 Napoleon’s bicorne hat
6 Black tailcoat jacket with fringed epaulettes
7 White shirt
8 White pants
9 White waistcoat
10 Great coat
11 Cotton underclothes
12 Red sash
13 White belt with sword hanger
14 Jackboots
15 Transparent foot stand
16 Sword with scabbard
17 The Cross and Grand Eagle of the Legion of Honour

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