1:12 Japan Sengoku Soldier (red)

XJ80016A 1/12 Palm Hero Series Japan Sengoku Soldier (Red)

Brief Introduction

DID proudly presents the 1/12 Palm Hero Series Japan Sengoku Soldier. The red and the black soldiers belonged to different daimyo. They were the lowest-level Japanese infantry in ancient times, commonly known as “ashigaru”. They were usually engaged in labor and became infantry in the times of war. In the Sengoku period, they were integrated and trained on a large scale, with archery, guns and so on, and became the lowest class of soldiers in the Edo period.

The red soldier looks serious and seems like he is waiting for orders. The black soldier is gnashing the teeth with a fierce look. Both headsculpts vividly represent the expressions of the soldiers on call.

Both red and black soldiers are wearing cuirass (same styles but different colors). Under the cuirass is the underwear and trousers. The limbs are protected by the armour sleeve, shin armour and shoulder armour. The belt is used to tie the armour and secure the katana. They also wear the Japanese traditional waraji sandals.

In addition to the color, you also can also distinguish different teams based on the shape of the helmet. The red wears round helmet, while the black has a pointed one.

The soldiers usually wear a metal katana sword with scabbard around their waist. At the same time, they hold metal yari on the hand. The yari is the combination of dagger-axe and spear. You could use it to stable or hook. It not only can be applied in close combat but also can form an impenetrable wall to resist the cavalry.

What’s more, there is a flag worn on their back with pasteable family crest of the daimyo. It not only can show the identity, but also can improve morale and send messages.

1/12 Japan soldiers are beautifully made. You could create spectacular fighting scenes with 1/12 Takeda Shingen, Sanada Yukimura or other daimyo with multiple soldiers. Don’t miss out of the chance and take them home!

Please note: the accessories of XJ80016A and XJ80017A are the same except the headsculpt, the shape of the helmet, the stickers of daimyo family crest and the color of the accessories. Please refer to the images for more details.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Palms X 3 pairs

4 Red underwear
5 Red trousers
6 Red belt
7 Waraji sandals

8 Red helmet
9 Red cuirass
10 Red shoulder armour
11 Armour sleeve x 1 pair
12 Shin armour x 1 pair

13 Red flag with family crest sticker
14 Foot stand

15 Katana sword with scabbard (metal)
16 Yari (Spear) (metal)

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