1:12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 2 - Sanada Yukimura

XJ80015   1/12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 2 – Sanada Yukimura

Brief Introduction

Sanada Yukimura, actual name : Sanada Nobushige, was one of the iconic Japan samurai warriors of the Sengoku period. In his early youth, he was sent as a hostage to the Uesugi and Toyotomi clans and gradually became a close retainer to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He was resourceful and well versed in military strategy and tactics. He assisted his father to hold back Tokugawa Hidetada’s 38000 men at Ueda Castle with only 2500. And he assisted the Toyotomi clan, which was about to be extinguished, in the battle of Osaka against the Tokugawa army, which was several times larger than his own. He defeated the enemy’s front troops and almost killed Tokugawa leyasu. However, in the end he failed on the verge of success and was martyred for the Toyotomi clan. He is known as “The Number One Warrior in Japan”.

DID proudly present the 1/12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 2 – Sanada Yukimura, with a calm, serious and authentic headsculpt. 

Sanada Yukimura wears an iconic red armour of Sanada family, with a black underwear and trousers inside, a red-and-black surcoat on top. The limbs are protected by shoulder armour, armour sleeve, gauntlet, shin armour and thigh armour. Two belts are used to secure the armours and attach the katana sword.

Helmets, in addition to protecting the head, were the best way to show the status and wealth of the warriors.

The front decoration of Sanada Yukimura’s helmet is the six coins, which is his family crest. There is also a facial armour with neck guard. The whole set of armour is beautifully crafted.

Sanada comes with a metal katana sword with scabbard. The katana sword is the most common weapon used by Japan samurai. It not only represents the spirit of the samurai, but also is a sign of samurai identity. He is also equipped with a brand-new metal cross-shaped spear and a tanegashima gun. The gun is powerful and effective on killing in long-distance. The spear is fork- shaped and open-edged on both sides. In that way, it is flexible and can be used in various attacking modes. You can stab ,hook, push, peck, cut and frame something with it.

In addition, there are many beautifully made accessories like armour case, armour stand and sword holder included. 

Just come and expand your Japan samurai series!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Palms X 9

4 Black underwear
5 Black trousers
6 Red-and-black surcoat
7 Belt x 2 (white belt and black&white rope)
8 Waraji sandals

Armour :
9 Helmet with 6-coin front decoration
10 Facial armour and neck guard
11 Shoulder armour
12 Cuirass
13 Armour sleeve + Gauntlet
14 Shin pad + armour
15 Thigh armour

16 Case
17 Armour stand
18 Sword holder
19 Foot stand

20 Katana sword with scabbard (metal)
21 Tanegashima gun
22 “Jumonji yari (cross-shaped spear, metal)”

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