XJ80014 1-12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 3 Uesugi Kenshin

XJ80014   1/12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 3 – Uesugi Kenshin

Brief Introduction

Uesugi Kenshin (上杉 謙信 February 18, 1530 – April 19, 1578), known as the “Dragon of Echigo“, was a legendary daimyo during the tumultuous Sengoku period of Japan. While chiefly remembered for his prowess on the battlefield, Kenshin is also regarded as an extremely skillful administrator who fostered the growth of local industries and trade; his rule saw a marked rise in the standard of living of Echigo. Kenshin is famed for his honourable conduct, his military expertise, a long-standing rivalry with Takeda Shingen and his belief in the Buddhist god of war — Bishamonten. His followers and even foes believed him to be the Avatar of Bishamonten, and called Kenshin god of war. 

DID proudly presents the 1/12 Palm Hero Japan Samurai Series 3 – Uesugi Kenshin, adorned with a stern, authentic visage, with a glint of unyielding desire for victory in his eyes.

Uesugi Kenshin is clad in the distinguished Nanbandō armour. The silver helmet is intricately adorned with Sanskrit decoration. The facial armour and neck guard provide a stoic coverage, seamlessly transitioning to the shoulder armour, cuirass, and skirt plates which embody the perfect blend of form and function. The armour sleeves, shin guards, and thigh armour complete this meticulously crafted protective ensemble, showcasing the exquisite artistry synonymous with the samurai’s valor. Under his armour is a  black underwear and trousers, which both adorned with a golden flower pattern. On top of the armour, he dons a white surcoat that symbolizes his domineering power and unstoppable momentum on the battlefield, with the kanji for “dragon” on the back. Waraji sandals are on his feet, reflecting the simplistic yet disciplined lifestyle of a true samurai.

Kenshin bears a metal Katana sword and a short sword, both housed in scabbards. These blades are not just weapons, but a testament to the samurai’s unwavering spirit and nobility. 

Accompanying this figure is a host of meticulously crafted accessories. The war banner with pole and stand bears the name of Bishamonten, a reflection of Kenshin’s devout belief in the god of war. He holds a signaling baton on the battlefield, which is a symbol of command. A folding stool are prepared for him as well, offering him a moment of respite in a tumultuous life, The armour case, armour stand, and sword holder are also included for housing the armour and swords. 

Embark on a journey back to the era of honor and valor with the 1/12  Uesugi Kenshin and enrich your collection with this legendary Dragon of Echigo. Secure your Uesugi Kenshin figure today, let him continue to fight with his archenemy and let the spirit of the samurai resonate through your collection!

PS: XH80021 1/12 Palm Hero Series White Horse is not included in XJ80014. Please note.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3  Palms x 6
4 Black underwear with golden flower pattern
5 Black trousers with golden flower pattern
6 White surcoat with the kanji “”dragon”” on the back”
7 Belt
8 Waraji sandals
Armour :
9 Helmet with Sanskrit decoration
10 Facial armour and neck guard
11 Shoulder armour 
12 Cuirass + skirt plates
13 Armour sleeves
14 Shin guards 
15 Thigh armour
16 War banner with pole (metal) and stand
17 Case
18 Armour stand
19 Signaling baton 
20 Folding stool
21 Sword holder
22 Foot stand
23 Katana sword (metal) with scabbard (metal)
24 Short sword (metal) + scabbard (metal)

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