XD80026 1:12 U-Boat Commander

XD80026 1/12 Palm Hero Series WWII German U-Boat Commander – Lehmann

Brief Introduction

German U-boats were the most mysterious weapons of WWII, and their terrifying tactic was the surprise attack, hence they were also known as “wolf pack” tactics. In the Atlantic during World War II, German U-boats ruthlessly “hunted” Allied ships along their sea routes. Germany relied on advanced U-boats to effectively attack Allied merchant and escort fleets in the Atlantic Ocean.

Palm Hero glad to bring you the WWII German U-boat commander Lehmann. The headsculpt features a bearded appearance, adding a sense of seasoned wisdom to the character.

In terms of attire, Lehmann wears a white visor cap, U-Boat crew uniform cotton tunic and trousers, along with a plaid shirt and U-Boat scarf. The fabric is soft and comfortable, with unique materials. Additionally, it comes with a pair of U-Boat deck shoes.

Furthermore, Lehmann is equipped with binoculars for observing distant enemies, a tobacco pipe for relaxation during leisure time, goggles for eye protection during diving, and various finely crafted medals and U-boat insignia.

Lehmann comes with rich accessories, allowing collectors to mix and match different outfits and accessories to create various scenes. Don’t miss out—start your 1/12 WWII German U-boat series collection today!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Left palm X 3 + Right palm X 3
4 Palms with grey gloves X 1 pair
5 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat senior officer white visor cap
6 U-Boat crew uniform cotton tunic
7 Trousers
8 German U-Boat scarf
9 Plaid shirt
10 U-Boat deck shoes
11 Binoculars
12 Tobacco pipe
13 U-Boat goggles
14 Shoulder boards X 1 pair
15 Breast eagle X1
16 U-Boat combat clasp in sliver X1
17 Iron Cross 1st class X1
18 German Kriegsmarine U-Boat badge X1
19 Kriegsmarine minesweeper badge X1
20 Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross X 1
21 U-96 U-Boat Cap Badge X1
22 U-505 U-Boat Cap Badge Axe Brass X1
23 Unknown cap insignia X1

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