XA80009 1:12 Palm Hero Series   WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Private Jackson

XA80009 1/12 Palm Hero Series WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 2 – Private Jackson

Brief Introduction

Let’s welcome the new member of 1/12 US Rangers team! Private Jackson just comes back with the classic lifelike headsculpt. His clear and bright eyes become calm and determined when he fully concentrates on sniping. He seems rebellious,but he is always able to kill the enemy in a shot and save the whole team at critical moments.

Jackson wears typical outfits of WWII US Rangers, including a set of HBT jacket and pants, a M41 field jacket and a delicate ranger assault vest. There is a piece of gas detection brassard on the shoulder. The M1 helmet is on his head and the boots and leggings are on the feet.

The M1903A4 Springfield sniper rifle is regarded as the sniper’s first choice due to the high-precision barrel installed to improve shooting accuracy. Jackson also comes with a portable M1911 pistol, which has unparalleled lethality and many advantages such as reliability, durability and good maintenance! And he also has a deadly dagger.

What’s more, Jackson is equipped with many beautifully-made accessories, such as the typical M1942 first aid pouch, M1910 canteen and cover, multi-functional shovel, 6-pocket bandoleer and 10-pocket cartridge pouch etc. As a sniper, a long sniper scope with case for observing is indispensable.

Come on! Captain Miller is waiting for his sniper. Just continue to expand your 1/12 US Rangers team and take Jackson home.

PS: Action figures of other US Rangers team members and dioramas are NOT included in XA80009.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Palms x 4 pairs

4 M1 helmet with inner liner
5 Green T-shirt
6 M41 Field jacket
7 HBT uniform
8 HBT pants
9 Ranger assault vest
10 Gas detection brassard
11 Belt
12 Leggings
13 Boots

14 M1942 First aid pouch
15 M1910 canteen with cover
16 M1943 Entrenching tool with carrier(could be opened)
17 6-pocket bandoleer
18 10-Pocket Cartridge Pouch
19 Sniper Rifle scope X 2 with case

20 M1903A4 Springfield Sniper Rifle
21 Bayonet with sheath
22 M1911 pistol with holster

23 Ranger qualification badge
24 Private first class rank badge x 2

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