U-Boat Conning Tower Gun Deck diorama  deluxe version

E60059A WWII German U-Boat Conning Tower Gun Deck diorama deluxe version

Brief Introduction

We have created the German U-boat Conning Tower Gun Deck Diorama Set (E60059A/B) for Stabsober Mechaniker Johann. There are TWO versions of the diorama, Regular and Deluxe versions.

E60059A Deluxe version includes a part of gun deck which is beautifully made of metal and plastic, metallic fence, U-boat badge, an U-boat flag and a metal U-boat cast bell. It could not only stands alone, but also could combine with the regular version (E60059B) to to make 3/4 gun deck.

What’s more, we have a special offer for you. If you purchase both D80149 Stabsober Mechaniker Johann and E60059A gun deck diorama deluxe version together, you will get seagull gift set (D80149G) FOR FREE.  The gift set contains a Seagull, a U-boat officer’s side cap and an insignia on the officer visor cap.

Best diorama for the best figure. Commander Lehmann and Johann are waiting for the gun deck so that they could watch the enemies through the binoculars. You can’t miss this great diorama.

Full Part List


1 U-Boat Conning tower gun deck part A made of metal and plastic, metallic fence and U-boat badge

2 U-Boat Flag

3 U-boat cast steel bell

D80149G Free Gift Set

 Seagull x 1              

U-Boat officer’s side cap x 1

insignia on the officer visor cap x 1

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