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E60062 WW1 War Desk Diorama Set 

Brief Introduction

In order to make Colonel Mackenzie perfect, we have made a WWI War Desk diorama for him, which contains highly-detailed notebook, little box, wine bottle, maps with case, magnifying glass, compass, Kerosene lamp, pen and ink bottle. With the diorama, you could DIY the scenario that Colonel Mackenzie is making the war plan.

Don’t forget that those who order Colonel Mackenzie with the war desk diorama set at the same time would get extra discount on war desk. What a good deal, just come and get them.

Full Part List

1 Wooden war desk
2 Platform
3 Brown notebook
4 Little box
5 Wine bottle
6 Map
7 Map case
8 Magnifying glass
9 Compasses
10 Kerosene lamp
11 Pen
12 Ink bottle

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