WW1British Officer - Colonel Mackenzie

B11012  WWI British Officer – Colonel Mackenzie

Brief Introduction

After waiting for half year, the WWI British Army can be teamed up now. Welcome the WWI British Officer – Colonel Mackenzie.

Wearing either the WWI British officer visor cap or Brodie helmet, Colonel Mackenzie is well dressed in highly-detailed khaki officer uniform and breeches. A beige trench overcoat just cover on top and his feet was wrapped by the beautifully made genuine-leather officer boots. He looks strict and a scar just crosses his left eye.

He is equipped with officer’s sword and Webley Mk VI revolver. The sword guard is beautifully carved. And there is a bayonet with scabbard for the revolver.

The shoulder straps, belt, binoculars case, compass case, ammo pouch, holster, sword hanger and canteen carrier are all made of genuine leather.

WWI British infantry Lance Corporal William is waiting for his officer. Just take him home to build up your WWI team.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Palms for holding revolver

5 WW1 British officer visor cap
6 Brodie helmet with inner liner
7 WW1 British officer uniform
8 Green shirt
9 Green tie
10 WW1 British officer breeches
11 Trench coat
12 Gloves
13 Sam Browne Belt (genuine leather)
14 Shoulder strap x 2 (genuine leather)
15 WW1 British officer boots (genuine leather)

16 Binoculars with leather case (genuine leather)
17 Compass with leather case (genuine leather)
18 Leather ammo pouches (genuine leather)
19 Revoler holster (genuine leather)
20 WW1 British officer side bag (partial genuine leather)
21 WW1 British army canteen with carrier (genuine leather)
22 DID button hook

23 Webley Mk VI Revolver with pistol rope
24 Bayonet for the revolver with scabbard and frog (genuine leather)
25 WW1 British officer sword with hanger (genuine leather)

26 Devonshire Regiment X 1 pair
27 Shoulder patch X 1 pair
28 Ribbon bar
29 WW1 British wounded stripe badge x 2

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