Waffen SS Medic Operation Peter D80100

D80100 Waffen SS Medic Operation – Peter 

Full Part List

1 One authentic headsculpt
2 One New all-era body with three pairs of hands

3 One set of M36 uniform
4 One camouflage smock and a pair of combat trousers
5 One service shirt
6 One white coat
7 One visor cap
8 One pair of Gaiters
9 One scarf
10 One pair of glooves
11 One pair of marching boots
12 One pair of Jackboots

Medical Equipment
13 One medic first aid bag and two pouches
14 Four dressing bandage packs (2 bare and 2 with packing)
15 Four packs of medical cotton gauze
16 Two tourniquets
17 Four boxes of safety pins (10 pcs) & one pin carrier
18 One stethoscope
19 One syringe with packing
20 Forceps:
Three hemostatic forceps
One thumb forceps
One magill forceps
One foldable surgical razor
One foldable medical curved field knife
21 One amber colored drip by drop anesthesia bottle
22 One graded medicine cup
23 Two pill boxes
24 Seven patient’s files

25 M42 helmet and inner liner
26 One bayonet & frog
27 One pistol with hoslter
28 One canteen & belt
29 “One shoulder strap, one Y strap and two belts ”
30 One pair of presbyopia glasses
31 One breadbag
32 One watch
33 One pencil

Medal & Insignias
34 Five styles of medals
35 Two collar tabs
36 Four shoulder boards
37 Two breast Eagles
38 Two arm badges
39 Two armbands (Red cross / Deutschland)

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