V80174 Vietnam War U.S. Army Lt. Col. Moore

V80174  Vietnam War U.S.  Army Lt. Col. Moore

Brief Introduction

On November 14, 1965, in the Ia Drang Valley of central Vietnam, the U.S. military and North Vietnamese forces engaged in their first significant direct confrontation since the outbreak of the war. This marked the first time U.S. forces used airborne troops on a large scale in Vietnam. Our upcoming 1/6 U.S. Army Lt. Col. Moore, was the commanding officer in the Battle of Ia Drang.

Covered in dust, his brows are furrowed, forehead wrinkled, gaze steadfast and focused, lips tightly shut, with a downward turn at the corners of his mouth, his expression serious, as if confronting a complex and severe battle.

He is dressed in the typical P58 utility shirt and trousers, with a green T-shirt underneath, wearing an M1 Vietnam helmet with mitchell cover and inner liner. He’s equipped with a pistol belt and M1956 suspender, and black real-leather boots on his feet. This classic outfits of U.S. soldiers from the Vietnam War is faithfully reproduced.

He comes with an XM16E1 rifle and an M7 bayonet, which can be attached to the rifle for close combat effectiveness. The rifle is furnished with three magazines and two bullets. Additionally, he carries an M1911 pistol in a brown leather holster and two M26 grenades.

His gears including an M1956 first aid pouch, an M1961 field pack, two M16A1 ammo pouches, a canteen, cup and cover set, a flashlight, a watch, dog tags, and other accessories. He also has meticulously crafted patches, collar tabs, and badges. All accessories are made with great attention to detail.

In order to make him more realistic, the forearms and palms have been painted and added detailes, perfectly showcasing Colonel Moore’s heroic presence on the battlefield!

As DID’s first-ever Vietnam War U.S military figure in 20 years, you shouldn’t miss him! Start building up your 1/6 Vietnam War U.S. Army collection now!

Full Part List

1 Super Realistic Headsculpt
2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left Palm X 4 + Right Palm X 4
4 M1 Vietnam helmet with mitchell cover and inner liner
5 P58 utility shirt
6 Utility trousers
7 Green T-shirt
8 M1956 Vertical Weave Pistol Belt
9 Belt
10 Black boot (genuine leather)
11 M1956 first aid pouch
12 M16A1 ammo pouch X 2
13 M1956 Suspenders
14 M1961 field pack
15 M1911 magazine pouch
16 Vietnam War U.S. Canteen, Cup and cover set
17 Flashlight
18 Watch
19 Dog tag
20 XM16E1 rifle with magazine X 3 + bullet X 2
21 M1911 pistol with brown magazine pouch (genuine leather)
22 M26 grenade X 2
23 M7 bayonet
24 US 7th Infantry Division Patch X 1
25 US Army 1st Cavalry Division Patch X 1
26 Lieutenant Colonel rank collar insignia X 1
27 Cavalry Officer insignia X 1
28 US Army name tape X 1
29 Master Parachutist Badge X 1
30 Name Tape X 1

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