SF80005 1:12 Golfer

SF80005 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series – The Golfer

Brief Introduction

Golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century and was initially played among royalty and nobility. As golf equipment became more widespread, the sport began to gain popularity among the middle class. By the 20th century, the establishment of golf’s competitive rules and systems allowed for the widespread organization of international golf events. Golf is a sport with a unique charm that allows people to exercise their bodies, cultivate their sentiments, and exchange skills in a beautiful natural environment. It is known as a “fashionable and elegant sport.”

The 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series welcomes another sports figure – The Golfer. The body maintains exceptional mobility, with multiple flexible articulations allowing the golfer to perform a variety of complex maneuvers, such as swinging and gripping with ease.

The golfer features a young and handsome headsculpt, with a determined and serious expression that showcases the golfer’s confident, wise, and calm demeanor.

He is dressed in a blue short-sleeved shirt and white pants, wearing a white golf cap with the “Palm Hero” logo, and white golf shoes. Additionally, three pairs of palms are included, offering simple, casual, and fashionable attire that highlights the character’s freedom and ease.

The golf clubs consist of three parts: the clubhead, shaft, and grip. We have provided both a 1-wood club and a 7-wood club, allowing the golfer to use different clubs for competition based on the distance and height of the shot. We have also included a golf ball, enabling players to create their own golfer scenarios on the course.

As a professional golfer, what truly captivates them is not just the joy of swinging but the thrill of overcoming themselves. Come and add this figure to your collection and let him swing and Hole-in-one!

Full Part List

1 Beautifully-made headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Left palm x 3 + Right palm x 3
4 Blue short-sleeved shirt
5 White pants
6 White belt(genuine leather)
7 White cap
8 Golf Shoes
9 1-wood golf club
10 7-wood golf club
11 Golf ball
12 Action figure transparent stand

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