SF80004 1:12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series The Skateboarder

SF80004 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series

The Skateboarder

Brief Introduction

We are excited to release the continuation of the Simply Fun Series with our third figure, the Skateboarder, following the Karate Player and Kungfu Master. This figure maintains the exceptional mobility, with multiple flexible articulation allowing the Skateboarder to perform a variety of complex maneuvers.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport involving athletes riding and performing intricate moves like gliding, jumping, spinning, and flipping on a skateboard across various terrains and specific structures, often to the rhythm of music.

As usual, you can showcase your creativity on the headsculpt, DIY-ing the facial features freely to create you unique Skateboarder.

The Skateboarder is dressed in a one-of-a-kind DID 20th Anniversary T-shirt and green cargo pants, paired with black sneakers, and comes with three pairs of palms. His simple and casual outfit perfectly captures his free and easygoing spirit!

The Skateboarder enjoys practicing tricks in bowl as well as drifting on the roads. Therefore, we have specially prepared both a street skateboard and a longboard for him. Both sides of the two skateboards are with distinct, intricately patterns. The longboard additionally features a frosted surface. The exquisitely detailed skateboards will definitely captivate you!

For fans of skateboarding, just add the Skateboarder to your collection. Unleash your creativity and DIY a unique Skateboarder of your own!

Full Part List

1 Headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Left palm X 3 + Right palm X 3
4 1/12 DID 20th Anniversary T-shirt 
5 Green cargo pants
6 Black sneakers
7 Street skateboard
8 Longboard

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