OA60003 1:6 all-new advanced body (Slim version) 2.0

OA60003  1:6 all-new advanced body (Slim version) 2.0

Brief Introduction

We proudly present you the 1/6 all-new advanced body (Slim version) 2.0. The body still has over 40 articulations, which makes the body highly posable in more natural ways.

The body 2.0 is equipped with three pairs of palms (relax palm, fist palm and gun-holding palm) and a palm holder. It also comes with a headsculpt and a neck peg. You can create your own body by DIY the facial features.

PS: Headsculpt and hands that fit for OA60002 are also compatible with OA60003. The K98 that is shown in the image is NOT included in OA60003.

Full Part List

1 Headsculpt

2 1/6 All New Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)

3 1/6 neck peg

4 Palms x 3 pairs (relax palm X 1, fist palm X 1 and gun-holding palm X 1)

5 Palm holder

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