OA60002  1:6 All New Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)

OA60002  1/6 All New Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)

Brief Introduction

We are proudly presenting the 1/6 all-new advanced body (Slim version). With over 40 articulations, the new body makes the action figures highly posable in more natural ways.

Please note:
1. The headsculpt and the chair that are showed in the images are NOT included in OA60002.
2. A pair of relax hands and a neck peg will be included.

3. Headsculpts and hands that fit for 1/6 DID new all era body are also competible for OA60002

Full Part List

1 DID 1/6 All New Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)

2 1/6 neck joint

3 Relax palms X 1 pairs

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