NS80175 1:6 John Dunbar

NS80175  1/6 U.S. Civil War Union  Army Lieutenant – John Dunbar

Brief Introduction

The Civil War was the largest internal conflict in American history, involving the Northern United States of America and the Southern Confederate States of America. Initially fought by the North to preserve national unity, it evolved into a revolutionary war to abolish slavery. The Civil War marked the first major conflict after the Industrial Revolution, establishing standards for modern warfare such as tactics, strategic thinking, and battlefield medicine. Beginning with the Confederate bombardment of Fort Sumter, the war ended with victory for the Union.

DID proudly presents you the 1/6 U.S. Civil War Union Army Lieutenant – John Dunbar. His furrowed brow, tightly sealed lips, and deep eyes exude a calm yet determined gaze, portraying a character of bravery, wisdom and resilience vividly.

He wears an union army officer shell jacket and trousers, layered with a white shirt, a military vest, and a cloak coat, each meticulously crafted with exquisite detail, evident in the texture and quality of the clothes. He is equipped with a black cavalry hardee hat, a red sash or a genuine leather black belt with shoulder strap around his waist, and a pair of cavalry boots on his foot, embodying a demeanor of confidence and boldness.The combination of multiple outfits further delineates the different facets of his persona.

He is armed with an M1860 Henry rifle and a Colt 1851 navy revolver, the former made of metal and wood with formidable power, excellent firing speed, and capacity, while the latter, an all-metal construction, provides convenience and rapid firing with six cartridges. Additionally, a custom-made metal sword and scabbard are designed for swift attacks with sharp blades, significantly contributing to victory in combat.

What’s more, his accessories include a genuine leather cartridge box and pouch for storing bullets, a portable journal, and a single-barrel telescope for distant observation. 

All accessories are meticulously crafted to complement the weaponry, ensuring comfort and realism in outfits, and lifelike detailing in the headsculpt. If you are interested in the U.S. civil war history, don’t miss out on him!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left palms X 3 +  right palms X 3
4 Union Army Officer hardee hat
5 Union Army Officer shell jacket
6 White shirt
7 Military vest
8 Trousers
9 Union Army Officer cloak coat
10 Black tie
11 Black belt (genuine leather)
12 Shoulder strap (genuine leather)
13 Union Army Officer parade belt with sword straps (genuine leather)
14 Red sash
15 Suspenders
16 Gauntlets
17 Cotton underwear
18 Cavalry boots (genuine leather) with spurs
19 Cartridge box (genuine leather)
20 Cartridge pouch (genuine leather)
21 Journal
22 Single-barrel telescope
23 Colt 1851 navy revolver(metal) + cartridge X 6 + holster (genuine leather)
24 M1860 Henry rifle(metal+wood) with cartridge X 6
25 Union Army Officer sword(metal) with scabbard(metal)
26 Shoulderboard X 1 pair

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