N80121 Emperor of the French Napoleon Bonaparte

N80121 Emperor of the French Napoleon Bonaparte

Brief Introduction

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the world’s greatest military leaders. His brilliant military success crowned himself the Emperor of French and make France dominate Europe for more than a decade. He is the man who started a new era.

DID present a truly authentic 1/6 Napoleon Bonaparte action figure. He stands still with his right hand hiding in blue-and-white military tailcoat jacket and squinted eyes on you. Just like real.

Product Review

Video review by TonyGeek le collectionneur

Disclaimer: the above is the author’s personal opinion and is not the opinion of DID.

Full Part List


  • Super realistic headsculpt with straight eyes
  • Short Body
  • Open palms
  • Relaxed palms
  • Palms for holding sword


  • Napoleon’s bicorne hat
  • Great coat
  • Blue-and-white tailcoat jacket with fringed epaulettes and red sash
  • White pants
  • White shirt
  • White waistcoat
  • Cotton underclothes
  • White stocking
  • White gloves
  • White belt with sword hanger
  • Shoes in genuine leather


  • Sword


  • Two styles of medals


  • Button Hook

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