A80099 martin luther king, jr

Brief Introduction

Martin Luther King, Jr was an African American minister and social activist, playing a key role in the civil rights movement from mid-1950s, best known for advancing civil rights through nonviolence and civil disobedience.

Full Part List

1 One lifelike headsculpt
2 One new short body
3 Five pcs of hands with 3 different styles
4 One white shirt
5 One set of black suit
6 One set of inner cotton (vest and long trousers)
7 One black overcoat
8 One black hat
9 One pair of black socks
10 One black belt
11 One black tie with tie clip
12 One Nobel Peace Prize with box
13 One bible
14 One Marching badge
15 Two Cufflinks
16 One Alliance badge
17 One wooden podium with 7 metal microphones
18 One pair of leather shoes

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