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E60073Y 1/6 Tripod for MG42 (Sand)

Brief Introduction

We are pleased to present the new product: The 1/6 Tripod for MG42 in both sand and green color.

Designed to complement the MG42 machine gun, the tripod provides a stable environment, enhancing the accuracy of long-range shooting.

This is the first time DID releases the 1/6 MG42 tripod. The two color options are suitable for various terrains and scenarios. Mostly crafted from metal, the tripod includes a detachable anti-aircraft shooting pole, allowing for adjustments to an anti-aircraft position. The length of the front leg is adjustable and comes with two real-leather supporting pads. The angle of the rear legs is also adjustable. You could change barrel directly on the tripod..

Both versions of the tripod also comes equipped with the MGZ40 optical sight, which allows the MG42 to cover a larger shooting range. This not only helps the gunner to operate the MG42 in a comfortable position. but can also be attached directly to the machine gun, enabling shooting from the lower end of the machine gun – providing even better concealment than an assault rifle. In addition, it includes an optical sight battery box made of metal and genuine leather, along with a optics cable. Paired with the optical sight, this significantly enhances the ability to identify targets at night. The battery box also contains three replicated batteries that can be pulled out of the battery box. (The replicated batteries can not be used and have NO functionality)

The tripod can be compactly folded and easily transported using two genuine leather shoulder straps, which are precisely replicated from the real item.

For those who own the MG42, how can you miss this metal tripod that significantly enhances its combat capabilities? Pair it with DID’s D80169 12th Panzer Division MG42 Gunner and D80171 Oberschütze to create diverse scenarios. Enhance your collection with tripod for MG42 and add more fun during DIY!

PSAction figures and the MG42 machine gun in the images are NOT included in E60073GY.

Full Part List

1 Sand tripod for MG42 (metal and plastic)
2 Sand MG42 optical sight (plastic)
3 MG42 optical sight battery box (metal + genuine leather)
4 Straps X 2 (genuine leather)
5 MG42 optics cable X 1
6 Dummy batteries (not functional) X 3

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