E60070 Periscope S.F.14.Z.Gi

E60070 1/6 Periscope  S.F.14.Z.Gi (Green / Sand)

Brief Introduction

The S.F.14.Z.Gi. periscope is an optical telescope used for long-range surveillance and targeting in the military. The barrels are on top and they are connected with the tubular “ears”. At the bottom,  it is a tripod. The periscope can be used as a stand-alone device on the battlefield or mounted on military equipment such as tanks and vehicles, allowing the users to see their surroundings from a concealed position.

DID is glad to bring you 1/6 WWII S.F.14.Z.Gi. periscope, available in two colors, green and sand. It is made entirely of metal and consists of three parts. The barrels are connected to the tubular “ears” which can stand upright and parallel to each other or be placed horizontally.   It can be flexibly unfolded and adjusted to different angles according to the actual conditions. There is a tripod at the bottom, the length of which can be extended and adjusted according to the actual conditions.

The all-metal 1/6 S.F.14.Z.Gi. periscope is exquisitely crafted and highly detailed, and has an extremely high degree of restoration. It is suitable for various scenarios and can be matched with different figures. If you are interested in it, just come to pre-order NOW!

PS: Action figures shown in the images are NOT included in E60070GY.

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