E60066 1:6 MG34 Accessory kit

E60066 1/6 MG34 Accessory Kit

Brief Introduction

DID especially releases the E60066 1/6 MG34 Accessory kit. It contains tons of the MG34 tools and accessories.

In the tools section, there is an anti-aircraft spider sight that can be used with MG34, the MG Lafette wrench for tripod adjustment, a double-side wrench for maintenance, a bolt and an oil can for lubrication and cleaning. What’s more, a sulphur container for storing sulphur powder as a lubrication additive, a broken burst case extractor and a broken shell extractor for removing residual cartridges are also included.

For MG34 accessories, there is a metal spare barrel with barrel case, two green drum magazines with carrier, metal ammunition can and a bullet chain with 6 bullets. We also prepare a breech cover for MG34 and a BIG wooden transit chest to store the MG34, tools and accessories.

The MG34 accessory kit comes with a wide range of tools and accessories that work with MG34. Just take it home and DIY different scenarios with your MG34.

Please note that all the action figures, MG34 with the tan drum magazine, the tool pouch and the diorama that shown in the images are NOT included in E60066. Please refer to the part list for all the accessories included in E60066.

Full Part List

MG-34 Tools
1 MG34 Anti-Aircraft spider sight(plastic)
2 MG34/42 Lafette wrench (plastic)
3 MG34/42 double side wrench (plastic)
4 MG34 oil can (plastic)
5 MG34 broken burst case extractor (plastic)
6 MG34 broken shell extractor (plastic)
7 MG34 sulphur container (plastic)
8 MG34 bolt (plastic)

MG-34 Accessories
9 MG34 spare barrel with barrel case (metal)
10 MG34 drum magazine (Green) X 2 with carrier (plastic)
11 MG34 ammunition can (metal)
12 MG34 bullet belt with bullets X 6
13 MG34 breech cover
14 MG34 wood transit chest

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