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K80135 WWII British 1st Airborne Division (Red Devils) Commander Roy

Brief Introduction

The British 1st Airborne Division was formed in 1941 during WWII. From the beginning up to the present day, the Parachute Regiment has been one of the foremost units of the British Army. Their nickname is Red Devils, with a distinctive maroon beret on their head.

Roy, commander of British 1st Airborne Division, was in charge of an operation. With oversmock on top of Denison Smock, parachute on the back and kit bag on the leg, he jumped out from the airplane without any hesitation. He managed to find a good place to enter the battlefield. After landing safely on the ground, he quickly dropped the parachute, put on the helmet, took out the Sten Mark V and shot towards enemies.

Product Review

Video review by GSoldiers from Russia.

Disclaimer: the above is the author’s personal opinion and is not the opinion of DID.

Full Part List


  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • Body
  • Open palms
  • Relax Palms
  • Palms for holding gun


  • Maroon beret with parachute regiment cap badge
  • Helmet with net and strips cover
  • P40 uniform
  • Paratrooper trousers
  • Denison smock (zipper running down)
  • Oversmock
  • Camo scarf
  • khaki shirt
  • Tie
  • Haversack straps
  • Belt
  • Boots


  • Basic pouch x 2
  • Canteen
  • Fabric holster and ammo pouch
  • Map case
  • Respirator bag
  • Haversack
  • Entrenching tool with carrier
  • Parachute
  • Kit bag
  • Binoculars
  • Tobacco pipe
  • Watch
  • Toggle rope
  • Puttees


  • Sten Mark V
  • Enfield MK I Revolver with string
  • Grenade x 2
  • Bayonet and frog
  • FS Dagger with sheath


  • Shoulder boards x 2
  • Shoulder title
  • Parachute wings
  • The airborne forces formation sign x2
  • Airborne strip

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