DID blues and royals

k80107 Blues and Royals

Brief Introduction

Formed in 1969, Blues and Royals is now part of the Household Cavalry. It is the second-most senior regiment in the British Army and operates as both an armored reconnaissance unit and a ceremonial guard of the monarch.

DID proudly presents Blues and Royals action figure. Same as the Life Guards, all the parts are designed for the first time, including Blues and Royals tunic, metallic cuirass, navy blue cloak, super detailed metallic helmet with red plumes, knee-length Jackboots with spurs etc. We use the materials as much the same as the real one.

To make collectors have a better experience when playing with the figure, we especially include an 1:1 whole gloves and DID button hook in the box.

Full Part List

1 One super realistic headsculpt
2 One all-era body
3 One pair of open palms
4 One pair of relaxed palms

5 One Navy blue cloak
6 One Blues and Royals tunic with white cross belt
7 One white shirt
8 One pair of white riding breeches
9 One pair of knee-length Jackboots with spurs
10 One pair of gauntlet gloves

11 One super detailed metallic helmet with red plumes
12 One authentic metallic cuirass
13 One cartridge box with a golden badge on the flap
14 One limited edition card

15 One sword with scabbard

16 Two shoulder boards

17 One small button hook
18 One pair of 1:1 white gloves

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