F80106 Comedy King of France 

Brief Introduction

There are two styles for the French comedy king. One is the conductor in black tailor suit. And the other is the man in white pajama. The conductor holds the baton with white wig on the head and serious expression on the face, while the man in white pajama is smiling, serving a lot of food and drink like cheese, roast chicken, boild egg, tomato etc.

Full Part List

1 Two authentic headsculpts
2 One short body
3 One pair of open palms
4 One pcs of relaxed palm (Left)
5 One pcs of palm for holding baton (Right)

6 One set of black tailcoat suit
7 One set of white pajamas
8 One white shirt
9 One white vest
10 One white bowtie
11 One inner cotton
12 One white pocket square
13 One pair of black socks
14 One pair of slippers
15 One pair of black leather shoes

16 3/4 cheese wheel
17 Ham
18 One roast chicken
19 Two pcs of wheat bread
20 One apple
21 One boiled egg
22 One tomato
23 One bottle of wine
24 One wine glass
25 Two white plates
26 One wooden tray (rectangle)
27 One set of knife and fork
28 One baton

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