D80177 1/6 WWII German LAH Division – SS Flammenwerfer Gefreiter – Joerg

Brief Introduction

The flammenwerfer, while possessing formidable close-quarters combat capabilities, also entails significant risks as it lacks effective special protective measures. The protection of a flammenwerfer lies in preemptive strikes, as missing the target can lead to catastrophic consequences. When faced with a sniper, the flamethrower’s body becomes the only shield for the fuel tanks behind, making retreat with the back exposed not an option—attack becomes the only recourse. Once hit, the flamethrower becomes a torch, endangering nearby soldiers.

DID proudly presents you the WWII German LAH Division – SS Flammenwerfer Gefreiter – Joerg. His headsculpt is lifelike, featuring a scar on his face with tightly closed lips, portraying an intimidating expression coupled with a serious and cautious demeanor, evident at first glance.

He wears the classic WWII German M40 tunic and trousers, topped with a German helmet and a grey toque. A pair of black genuine leather boots are on his feet. Full outfits are meticulously crafted, allowing for a faithful recreation of historical scenes.

Joerg is equipped not only with a sharp-edged metal bayonet and a genuine leather holster but also with a lightweight and highly effective hand grenade. Additionally, he carries an MP40 submachine gun and five bullets. The MP40, compact yet powerful, boasts formidable firepower and exceptional accuracy within its effective range, with unparalleled precision in sustained fire. Furthermore, he wields the flammenwerfer 41, a lightweight yet longer-range weapon with a traditional dual-tank structure, combining potent force with intimidating firepower. The combination of various weapons further accelerates victory in warfare.

He comes with two canvas magazine pouches, a bread bag for storing supplies, and a camouflage zeltbahn versatile for use as a raincoat, camouflage, military tent, and more. An A-frame carrier capable of accommodating various equipment, a strong protective gas mask and gas mask canister,a cigarette for leisure time, and exquisite metal medals are also included. All accessories are exquisitely crafted, making Joerg an essential addition to your German army. 

Don’t miss out on adding an exceptionally powerful flammenwerfer to your ranks!

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 DID 1:6 HG Body (Slim Tall Ver.)
3 Left palms X 3 +  right palms X 3
4 Helmet with inner liner and camo cover
5 WWII German M40 tunic
6 Trousers
7 Black belt (genuine leather)
8 Y-straps (genuine leather)
9 Grey gloves
10 Grey toque
11 Black boots (genuine leather)
12 Bread bag
13 Canteen (plastic)
14 WWII German gas mask canister (plastic)
15 Mess tin (plastic)
16 Shovel (wood & plastic) with cover (genuine leather)
17 WWII German A-frame carrier
18 Camo zeltbahn
19 Magazine pouch X 2
20 WWII German gas mask (plastic)
21 Watch
22 Cigarette
23 German bayonet(metal) with scabbard (metal) and holster (genuine leather)
24 Grenade
25 MP40 submachine gun (metal+plastic) with bullet(metal) X 5
26 German flammenwerfer 41 (metal+plastic, not functional)
27 Collar tab X 1 pair
28 Waffen-SS LAH NCO shoulder board X 1 pair
29 Shoulder board X 1 pair
30 Rank insignia X 1
31 Sleeve eagle X1
32 Cuff title
33 Wound Badge in Black X1
34 Infantry Assault Badge in Silver X1

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