D80172 1:6 Otto Skorzney

D80172 1/6 Otto Skorzeny

Brief Introduction

Otto Skorzeny, who commanded Operation Oak, was known as “The Most Dangerous Man in Europe”. His 1/6 action figure is available for pre-order now!

He is immortalized with a lifelike headsculpt featuring his distinctive honor that stretches from his chin to his ear across the left cheek, said to be a remnant of a fencing duel during his university days. His lightly furrowed brows, focused and alert eyes, tightly closed mouth, and the serious, tense expression speak volumes.

In line with Skorzeny’s height, we have specially lengthened the body of this 1/6 scale figure to make the figure more proportionate to the real person.

The clothing includes a classic WWII German M36 uniform, a white collared shirt, and breeches, complemented by an officer’s visor cap or a German helmet, and black real-leather boots. He can also be outfitted in a German Luftwaffe tropical sand field tunic, matching tropical shirt and tropical pants, topped with a tropical side cap, and black real-leather short boots. All garments are meticulously crafted, allowing you to dress Skorzeny in different outfits according to various scenarios.

In terms of weaponry, Skorzeny comes with a P38 pistol in a genuine leather holster, as well as an MP40 submachine gun with five bullets. The P38 pistol is known for its precision at various shooting distances, while the compact and powerful MP40, with its low recoil, offers unmatched accuracy and precision in sustained fire within its effective range.

As for accessories, he is equipped with an MP40 magazine pouch, binoculars, a genuine-leather map case, and a cigarette. There are also various exquisitely crafted metal medals.

How could you miss out on this “Most Dangerous Man in Europe” during World War II? Add this exceptionally skilled special forces leader to your German army collection now!

Full Part List

1 Headsculpt
2 1:6 HG Body (Slim Taller Ver.)
3 Left Palm X 3 + Right Palm X 3
4 German Officers Visor Cap
5 German Luftwaffe Tropical Side Cap for Officer
6 German Helmet with Inner Lliner
7 M36 Uniform
8 Breech
9 White Shirt
10 German Luftwaffe Tropical Sand Field Tunic
11 German Luftwaffe Tropical Trousers
12 German Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt
13 Tie
14 Black belt (genuine leather)
15 Brown Belt (genuine leather)
16 Grey Gloves
17 Black Jackboots (genuine leather)
18 Black short boots  (genuine leather)
19 MP40 magazine pouch X 1
20 Map Case
21 Binoculars
22 Watch
23 Cigarette X 1
24 P38 pistol with holster (genuine leather)
25 MP40 submachine gun + magazine X 2 + Bullet X 5
26 SS Sturmbannführer Shoulder Boards  X 1 pair ( with 4 golden rank stars)
27 Hauptmann Shoulder Boards X 1 pair
28 Collar tab x 3 ( SS Obersturmbannführer collar tab x 1,  SS Sturmbannführer collar tab X 1, SS collar tab x 1)
29 Arm Patch x 1
30 Breast Eagle x 1
31 Iron Cross First Class 1939 x 1
32 DRL Sport Badge in Sliver x 1
33 Wound Badge in Silver x 1
34 General Assault Badge in Silver x 1
35 German Cross in Gold X 1
36 Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross x 1
37 Ribbon Bar x 1
38 Cuff Title x 1

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