D80160 WWII German Panzer Commander Jager

D80160 WWII German Panzer Commander – Jager 

Brief Introduction

WWII German Panzer Division represents the highest technical level of the German army. The ability of rapid assault allowed them to quickly annihilate the enemy troops in the blitzkrieg operations. It not only created a brilliant record of victory, but also led an era of tactical innovation.

DID proudly presents the long-waited 1/6 WWII German Panzer commander – Jager! He comes with a super realistic headsculpt with scars. The deep eyes reveal a calm and determined gaze. Jager looks very unperturbed and fearless.

Jager usually wears a classic German WH black panzer jacket, trousers and grey shirt. A newly crafted Italian camo panzer jacket is included as well. There is a German WH panzer officer visor cap and a SS panzer officer crusher cap for him. They can be matched with the black panzer jacket and camo jacket respectively. The boots are brand-new. You could DIY different outfits according to the different combat scenarios.

Jager comes with the brown MP38 submachine gun that was used by the panzer division. MP38 was the first submachine gun made of steel and plastic in the world and pioneered the use of a folding stock. It is short and compact, but with great firepower, which could effectively protect the weak tanks. It is ideal for the German panzer division. Jager also has a P38 pistol, with a genuine leather holster.

As a panzer commander, Jager is equipped with a brand-new 7×56 binoculars, a real-leather map case and belt, a German panzer headphone and throat vibration mic, cigarettes and pipe etc. There are a number of metal medals which are finely engraved, including the unique Panzer collar tabs and Standartenführer collar tabs.

Jager is ready to fight. Let’s join in!

PS:1/6 Panther tank diorama(E60068) is NOT included in D80160.

Full Part List

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 All New – DID 1:6 Advanced Body (SlimShort Ver.)
3 Open palms
4 Gun-holding palms

5 WWII German WH panzer officer visor cap
6 WWII German SS panzer officer crusher cap
7 Grey shirt
8 Black tie
9 German WH black panzer jacket
10 Black panzer trousers
11 German Heer Italian camo panzer jacket
12 Grey gloves
13 Brown belt (genuine leather)
14 Boots

15 Map case (genuine leather)
16 German panzer headphone
17 Throat vibration mic
18 Binoculars
19 Pipe
20 Cigarette
21 Watch
22 Ring

23 P38 pistol with holster (genuine leather)
24 MP38 submachine gun with clip X 2

25 Cap badge X 2 + Eagle X 2
26 Breast Eagle X 1
27 Sleeve Eagle X 1
28 Panzer collar tab X 1 pair
29 Standartenführer collar tab X 1 pair
30 Shoulder board X 2 pairs
31 Standartenführer camo rank sleeve insignia X 1
32 Panzer Badge in Silver X 1
33 Iron cross First Class 1939 X 1
34 Wound Badge in Gold X 1
35 Tank Destruction Badge X 1
36 Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross X 1
37 Cuff title X 1

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